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Start the New Year Right with a Professional Cleaning

Feb 17, 2023
You’ve made other New Year’s resolutions — here’s another important one to add to the list. Start your year off right with a professional teeth cleaning!

The new year has just started, so you may have made some New Year’s resolutions this year: You want to eat better, exercise regularly, save more money, and maybe even take that long-awaited trip.

You should add one more resolution to your list: Get your teeth cleaned!

While this isn’t a traditional goal to kick off the year, the topic is just as important as other health issues. As the team at Tropical Dental Care in Tomball, Texas, can tell you, getting your oral health right has a host of benefits.

Here’s why it’s so important to start the new year off right when it comes to the care of your teeth. A professional teeth cleaning helps:

Prevent cavities

Cavities are holes or spaces inside your teeth that form as a result of tooth decay. If you have a cavity, your dentist will typically clean out the decay and give you a filling to restore the tooth. It’s much better to not get cavities in the first place, though, and regular cleanings will help prevent them.

Cavities form when bacteria digest food particles left on your teeth. These bacteria harden into plaque, which wears away the protective enamel and leads to decay and cavities. You can’t clean plaque off with your toothbrush — it requires the professional tools only found in your dentist’s office. Keeping your regular cleaning appointments helps you fight against the formation of cavities.

Prevent gum disease

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is an oral bacterial infection in your gums. (Yes, these are the same bacteria that cause tooth decay and cavities.) If you’re going to your twice-a-year regular cleanings, your dentist will be able to catch any signs of gum disease (such as bleeding gums) early, while it’s still relatively easy to treat.

If you wait too long between cleanings, your gum disease symptoms may have progressed much farther, and the condition will be harder (and more expensive) to treat.

You can’t get rid of these bacteria on your own at home, so you need a professional cleaning to clear them off your teeth and from below your gum line to stop the disease in its tracks.

Catch any problems early

In addition, your regular visit for a cleaning will include a thorough physical exam of your teeth and mouth and X-rays of your mouth. This will allow your dentist to spot any potential problems early, before they progress to a more serious issue.

Oral health has been linked to your overall health, so neglecting your dental visits could have larger ramifications for your health down the road. Don’t wait any longer. To start your year off right, call the Tropical Dental Care office at 281-524-3399 to schedule your appointment, or request a time online with our convenient scheduler. You’ll be glad you came!