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5 Benefits of Straighter Teeth (SureSmile®)

Aug 01, 2023
On the fence about getting your teeth straightened? You’ll experience more benefits than you think! Read on to find out how your life will improve once your teeth are straight.

You’ve been thinking about straightening your teeth for a long time. They’re not terrible, but they need to be fixed, and you’re having a hard time pulling the trigger.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to straighten your teeth is with SureSmile®, a system of clear plastic aligners that correct orthodontic issues. Most cases at Tropical Dentist can be completed within a year.

Given this system that improves the teeth straightening process, the team at Tropical Dentist is here to tell you: It’s worth it to straighten your teeth. You improve everything from your dental health to your smile; read on to learn some of the invaluable benefits of straighter teeth.

Healthier teeth and gums

If your teeth are crooked, overlapping, or crowded, they’ll be harder to clean thoroughly. This can lead to a community of harmful bacteria, which causes plaque to turn into tartar if it isn’t cleaned off regularly. The result can be cavities, gum disease (including sore and bleeding gums), bad breath, and even tooth loss. Straightening your teeth makes them much easier to brush, floss, and clean because they are all spaced appropriately.

Improved speech

You may not realize it, but your teeth can affect your speech. If you have missing teeth, your mouth may make a slight hissing sound when you speak, and if you have crowded or protruding teeth, you may tend to spit when you speak. Getting your teeth straightened eliminates these problems, leading to clearer speech.

Easier to chew and eat

Straight teeth help you get a proper bite, enabling you to chew correctly. If your teeth are crooked, they’ll rub against each other as you bite, which can cause wear, tear, and pain as your tooth enamel erodes faster. Chewing correctly due to straight teeth also properly breaks down the food so it can be digested, thus enabling you to get the maximum nutritional benefit from the food.

Increased self-confidence

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. If your teeth are not straight, you may be prone to keeping your lips closed when you smile, covering your mouth when you laugh, and not drawing attention to yourself at work or in public. If your teeth are straight, you’ll be more confident in your smile, and more able to relax and let people see the real you. You’ll build confidence and self-esteem as you get more and more used to your new smile.

Reduced jaw issues

If your upper and lower teeth don’t align correctly when you bite down, it will put extra stress and pressure on your jaw, gums, and jawbone. This can cause headaches, dizziness, TMJ, and ear and neck pain. Aligning your teeth correctly reduces the stress and pressure on your jaw, allowing your muscles to be more relaxed, and relieving your pain.

When you’re ready to consider SureSmile to straighten your teeth, the team at Tropical Dentist is ready to start you on your journey. Just call our office or request an appointment online, and we’ll have your teeth — and your smile — straight in no time!